Introducing AssetteGPT

27 Jun 2023

Today we unveiled AssetteGPT, the first AI feature in Assette software. Based on OpenAI, AssetteGPT automatically creates appropriate investment commentary text based on the behavior of a firm’s data for a specific period.


You can learn more about how AssetteGPT works, read the press release and discover our investment commentary module.


AI Trained by and for the Asset Management Community

Developing AssetteGPT, meant putting our 25+ years of experience in understanding and handling investment data to work. We have now trained AI models to understand and handle investment data. The resulting combination of OpenAI and Assette provides firms with industry-leading AI capabilities surrounded by in-depth asset-management content and data expertise.


An AI Assistant

Adding AI capabilities into our software was a natural evolution of our product roadmap. It also reinforces our belief in constantly exploring new technological capabilities to help asset management firms engage their clients. AI delivers smarter automation for asset management professionals, improving productivity around certain tasks. What it doesn’t do is replace expertise and responsibility.


We have a saying at Assette, “you can automate the work, but never the responsibility.” Our goal is to build AI-driven features that assist people, not replace them. By eliminating the manual and often mundane data tasks, we are freeing up people to focus on things machines cannot do such as explaining the thinking behind investment decisions and managing relationships with clients and consultants. 


AssetteGPT is our first AI driven feature, and I am excited for what is to come. Going forward, we are taking an AI-first approach to product development. We are committed to putting our data expertise to work to bring you capabilities that improve and enhance your team’s expertise.


Reach out to our team today to see AssetteGPT in action.