Content We Automate

Build a client and sales content platform based on the needs of your investment firm.


Assette's Modular Approach

Assetteā€™s modular approach to content automation means that you choose the solutions and capabilities that are right for your firm. Start with them all or add as you go:

One Application Many Modules

Assette is a single, cloud-native application for client AND sales content (along with DDQs, Portals, and a few other important types of content). There are many benefits to having a single, powerful application for all content generation.

Use content components and templates across sales and client materials. There is no need to build and manage performance charts, top 10 holdings, or biographies in several applications.
No worrying about rounding differences, display rules, and branding in multiple software tools. With a single application you have consistent data and branding across sales and client materials.
Find and share content for clients and prospects in one location and benefit from a single content classification system. No more searching in multiple places or calling the same content by different names on different platforms.
Lower training costs driven by improved efficiencies. You have one vendor to manage, onboard, and review and one application to learn. You get one vendor that understands your firm, your sales and client data, your content landscape, and your terminology.
Your sales and client data flows through one software system approved by your information security team. Fewer applications mean fewer risks for reporting errors and data breaches.