Assette & AI

The power of AI infused into your content creation, approval, and delivery software.


Assette & AI

For 25 years, Assette has processed investment data for firms, helping turn operational data into accurate and timely client and sales content. That deep industry experience is the foundation of the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities within Assette.

Powered by OpenAI, we have trained AI models to understand and handle investment data. Now, the platform that generates, reviews, and delivers your client and sales materials is infused with AI trained by and for the asset management community.


Automatically narrate investment numbers with AssetteGPT. Based on data behavior for a specific period, AssetteGPT automatically creates appropriate investment commentary.

For example, if a portfolio overperformed and the major contributing factor was the selection of stocks, AssetteGPT generates commentary that discusses the contributing sectors and mentions the top contributing securities within each sector. If the portfolio overperformed but the selection effect was negative, AssetteGPT writes that the contribution was due to allocation and mentions the top detracting securities even though the portfolio overperformed during the period.

Benefits of AssetteGPT:

Automatically narrate rear-view-based numbers instead of looking up multiple reports, writing and editing content.
Automatically mix manually entered rationale with machine-generated narrative without sacrificing grammar or meaning.
Specialized prompt engineering enables your firm’s specific language to be reflected in commentary. You can even house your own OpenAI services in your Azure subscription and Assette will interface with your subscription.

How OpenAI & Assette Work Together


The combination of OpenAI and Assette provides firms with industry-leading AI capabilities surrounded by in-depth asset-management content and data expertise.

To begin, we’ve defined the types of data associated with common investment concepts, such as relative performance, attribution, purchases & sales, and more. These investment concepts are part of Assette software and are mapped against the data in your data platform.

Language prompts, bits of code that you write for your specific needs, pass the data to OpenAI. OpenAI uses this data to create natural language that is passed back to Assette.

Once it returns to Assette, the text populates your investment commentary, along with any human-entered rationale. You now have a commentary that shows a machine-supplied narrative and human-entered rationale.

Data Privacy

Your data resides in your data platform. Assette uses OpenAI on Microsoft Azure. The data that is passed to OpenAI and the generated language is not used by OpenAI or Microsoft for their language models.

Further, PII (Personal Identifiable Information) is never passed to OpenAI. Assette obfuscates PII, and then sends dummy values to OpenAI. Once language is received back, Assette replaces the dummy values with actual PII. Only AssetteGPT provides this additional layer of security for investment management firms.

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