The Superbowl, Curling and Asset Management Commentary!

Brian Duddy

07 Feb 2022

Asset Management Commentary Engine

I’ll admit, this is a odd combination of topics. But I promise there’s a connection beyond my love of sports references, so bear with me for a few more sentences.

The recent NFL playoffs and upcoming Superbowl have reminded me just how much I value the expert commentary provided by former players. While I may not always agree with them (especially if they are beating up on the Patriots), their insights bring a new perspective to the game. And while commentary is a large component of the sports experience (can you imagine Olympic Curling or Luge without commentary?), it’s also something we’ve been working on a lot at Assette.

Commentary is everywhere these days, and for good reason. With all the data at our disposal, it is getting harder and harder to separate the noise from valuable insights. Whether it’s in football, the Olympics or client reports, high quality commentary is essential.

Asset managers are the stewards of investments. Being able to share the rationale behind investment decisions is essential to building trust and transparency with clients. It is also a big part of staying ahead of competitors. After all, your people and their expertise make your firm unique. Being able to showcase their thinking and your long-term perspective is essential for quarterly commentary updates and ad hoc events affecting investment portfolios. 

Just like with the NFL game or Olympic commentary, speed and accuracy are of the essence and asset management firms are no different. We’ve been working hard on our commentary engine and capabilities in Assette. From in-house development to our exciting new partnership with Arria NLG, Assette makes it easy to create engaging, timely, on-brand commentary.

I invite you to learn more about the big changes we’ve made to our Commentary Engine. Perhaps you can check it out while cheering on your favorite athletes in the coming weeks.