Assette Due Diligence Questionnaires

Automate your Due Diligence Questionnaires

With Assette, use the same, trusted data in your client reports and sales materials in your DDQs. Go from DDQs being an arduous, weeks-long project to one that takes hours to complete with reliable data.

With Assette DDQ Automation you can:

Stop chasing data points: Eliminate the hunt through spreadsheets and shared drives and constant reminders to colleagues about missing answers. With Assette, your qualitative and quantitative data is pulled directly into your DDQs. No more hunting and gathering required.

Say goodbye to incomplete questionnaires: Ensure the quality of the DDQs you submit is top-notch. Automating your DDQ process means missed questions are a thing of the past. If the data exists, it can be automatically populated in your DDQ template.

Eliminate manual inputs: Automating the DDQs process puts an end to manual inputs and the errors that come with them. With Assette you can trust the data you are submitting is accurate and pulled from the same source every time.

Generate and share on demand: Because your data is ready to work, building your DDQ is as quick as hitting the “generate” button.

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