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Assette offers a variety of supporting modules that when combined with the core solutions provide more in-depth and broader automation.

Designed to solve the unique challenges of the asset management industry, Assette Supporting Solution Modules automate complex and cumbersome processes, making it easier to communicate with clients.

Firm AUM

The Assette Firm AUM module automates the calculation of firm AUM and AUA and  allows firms to present AUM based on various attributes such as region, country, asset class, strategy, vehicle, and plan type.

You specify the rules for AUM and AUA calculations, and Assette uses the market values and holdings in each portfolio to produce AUM and AUA for each quarter-end.

Manager Databases

Assette Manager Databases automation uses data to automatically populate and format your submission via eVestment OMNI. With Assette Manager Database automation you eliminate the hunt for updates and tedious formatting to make sure everything is in the right place. Assette generates and normalizes the dataset required for manager databases automatically. 

Because Assette stores information about your people, strategies, and firm, even the personnel information is automatically populated.  Assette automatically calculates firm tenure, degrees held, and other information consultants want to know about your people.

GIPS Report Automation

The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPSĀ®)* Report module from Assette picks up where your composite management stops doing work. If you manage composites in a performance system and use Excel and Word to create GIPS reports, Assette automates the entire process.

You define what statistics, including dispersion methods, and disclosures to show for each composite and pooled fund, and Assette does the rest, including calculating performance in multiple currencies. Calculated GIPS report content is available to seamlessly display in marketing and client materials and even your website.

With Assette Support Solutions you can:

Avoid data reporting and calculation errors: Automating calculations eliminates the frequent errors associated with manual calculation and entry.

Ditch the spreadsheet: With automated calculations, you can stop relying on formulas and macros in spreadsheets to provide critically and frequently requested information.

Adapt to changing regulations: With Assette your data is ready to work, making it simple to respond to changing regulations or industry trends.

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