Assette Investment Commentary

Automate Investment Commentary 

Sharing the rationale behind investment decisions builds trust and transparency with clients. It is also a big part of staying ahead of competitors.

Powered by OpenAI, Assette Investment Commentary automates the creation, editing, and delivery of investment commentary. Using AssetteGPT, the natural language generation, AI engine built for asset managers, this module automatically narrates investment numbers to create commentary.

With Assette Investment Commentary you can:

Share your perspective with confidence: Writing the “rear-view mirror” portion of commentary is essential, but time-consuming and error-prone. Using Assette NLG to automate this cumbersome portion of commentary writing, lets you focus on adding perspective and insights instead of narrating the data.

Stop chasing feedback: Once the commentary is generated in Assette you can track the review process, identify delays, and see who is editing.

Differentiate your firm: A well-thought-out commentary that explains how the portfolio behaved, the reasoning behind investment decisions, and what you expect to happen next, delivered just in time with a professional design, will help your firm stand out.

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