Assette Factsheets

Get and keep your facts straight

Automating your factsheet process with Assette means your content will always be up-to-date and accurate.

With Assette Factsheets you can:

Easily generate and share: Because your data is ready to work, producing fund factsheets is as quick as hitting the “generate” button. With Assette you can generate on-demand or generate an entire batch. Once produced, you can find and share the factsheets from Assette via email or a client portal, or even publish them to your website.

End compliance confusion: Set your review workflow to ensure compliance, create audit trails, and build a version history. Assette approval workflows give your team a real-time glimpse of the review process, making it simple to spot delays and see who’s reviewing.

Track engagement: Assette sharing analytics helps you understand how your content is performing by providing data on who is engaging with your content, what they are looking at the most, and how often they view materials. 

Use tools you know: Creating and editing factsheets in Assette is easy because Assette uses Microsoft PowerPoint as the editor. This allows your team to draw on their know-how to quickly build engaging content.

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