Assette Client Presentations

Empower your Relationship Managers

Look good in front of your clients with customized, current, and accurate presentations. Personalize your client presentations in minutes so your team can focus on building relationships.

With Assette Client Presentations you can:

Edit once, update everywhere: In Assette you manage content in a single location and the changes flow across all documents. For example, if your logo changes, the update is made once in Assette and is automatically updated across all documents whether it’s in one, five, or 2000.

Use Tools you know: Creating and editing presentations in Assette is easy and familiar. Because Assette uses Microsoft PowerPoint as the editor, your team can draw on their know-how to quickly build engaging presentations.

Understand the impact of your marketing content: Built-in analytics help you understand how your clients engage with your communications.

Generate and share on demand: Because your data is ready to work, building your client presentation is as quick as hitting the “generate” button.

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