Passwords, Vitamins and Client Reports

Jeff Kenney

23 May 2022

Passwords, vitamins and client reports. At first glance they seem unrelated. I would argue however that they do belong in the same category.

From my bi-monthly delivery of toilet paper and allergy meds to the quarterly arrival of my favorite coffee, there are an increasing number of things in my life that I have automated. Whether it’s as simple as the delivery of household goods or more complex such as passwords or subscriptions to digital services, in each case setting and forgetting saves me time, effort, and cost.  

Believe it or not, the promise of set it and forget it can also apply to an asset management firm’s client and sales communications. Thanks to automation and in-depth data management capabilities, asset management firms can now set it and forget it with confidence.  And just like that vitamin delivery, the benefits are quantitative and qualitative in nature.  

Setting and forgetting saves firms hours (and for some days) of work on mundane tasks, enabling team members to shift to higher value activities that improve client satisfaction. Avoiding over-handling data which inevitably leads to data reporting and consistency errors is another important benefit. And while it is harder to quantify, the confidence that comes from knowing your reports are based on a single source of trusted data and have been tracked through a detailed review process shouldn't be overlooked.

Although it’s not quite as simple as setting up a farm share order, adopting a set it and forget it mentality for client communications is straight forward.  At Assette we approach this in two steps. First, we integrate your data sources with our Data Engine that gathers, normalizes, validates, scrubs, calculates and stores your data.  Then your communications templates are built keeping your unique brand and perspective in mind. With everything now set,  generating and delivering high-impact, data-rich sales presentations, factsheets, client reports, portal posts, DDQ responses, and more starts with pushing the “generate” button.


So there you have it. Passwords, vitamins, and client reports do relate to each other!  Whether its saving that trip to the store and still ensuring you always have what you need or ensuring that your client communications help your firm stand out without all the manual effort, setting and forgetting is here to say.