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Corey MacDonald

Having spent my fair share of time manually updating presentations, I know firsthand the aggravation caused by seemingly minor edits and requests that ripple through dozens of presentations; after all, how hard could changing a few words possibly be? Oh, and while I’m at it, the team wants to switch out the Fund’s Risk & Characteristics page with that one used last week with that other client…you remember that one, right? Forget it.

The problem with low-code solutions is that complex business rules— often driven by client requests and compliance requirements, make low-code solutions a mangled mess of “IF-ELSE-THEN”; I would know, I used to manage these statements. And don’t get me started on the extensive testing required when you make a change only to test again after transferring into the Production Environment.

With the rise of low-code solutions for everything, you’d think that there would be a solution to this problem, and there is.

A No-code Solution

Assette offers a true no-code solution that enables asset management firms to skip the IF-ELSE-THEN statements and stay focused on sharing insights behind their decisions vs. how to get the data into client reports and sales presentations.

What’s the difference between a no-code solution and a low-code one? With Assette, if I wanted to send the same report to two clients – one domiciled in Europe and the other in Australia, I just click and generate the reports. There is no coding experience required, the system automatically understands that this page is for Australians and the other one is for Europeans and includes the proper one in your client report.  With other solutions, this would require multiple levels of IF AND conditions and could take days to configure properly.   

Setting Attributes with Assette Software   

Assette’s no-code approach allows users to set attributes  at the Smart Page level and pull them all together into a Smart Doc using simple drag-and-drop interface. These attributes allow Assette to do the heavy lifting, automatically showing the correct pages based on over 60 customizable attributes including client and strategy specific needs. To top it all off, the Data Settings on the Smart Doc can be further tailored to suit even the most complex requirements.


Building engaging, data-rich communications is as simple as point and click.  No more IF-THEN statements and complex scripting. Compare this to how other vendors tackle the same challenges and then let me know when you are a ready for a demo of Assette. You can also check out how Assette works to understand why our approach to data is critical to making no-code solutions possible.