DDQ Automation

04 Nov 2021
Automate your DDQs with Assette
DDQ Automation

Did you know you can automate the completion of your Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQs) within Assette?  Now, that same trusted data used in your client reports and sales enablement materials can flow through to your DDQs.  

Here’s how it works. 

Using the Assette DDQ module, you access your DDQ templates that have been fabricated in the system in the  Authoring Center.  When a DDQ template is wired-up in Assette, questionnaire fields are embedded with relevant data objects. That is, the locations where you type in qualitative and quantitative data now reflect data variables. This ensures that no matter how many times your data may change, when you click generate, current and accurate data will be populated in your DDQ.


You can search for your DDQ template by name or if appropriate go to your favorites section to find the DDQ you want to work with. Once you have selected the DDQ, set your key parameters such as dates and accounts and click generate. Your updated data will then flow through the questionnaire.  After a quick review and share the DDQs with clients and consultants.


No more chasing down data points, reminding teammates you need answers or sending back incomplete questionnaires. With Assette you can go from DDQs being an arduous, week-long project to something that takes minutes to complete. And it all happens in the same platform that automates your client reporting, sales enablement, and portal communications.


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