Your Data Platform + Assette

Assette combines investment data enablement capabilities with authoring and sharing tools in a single, cloud-native offering. Our data interfacing options help you build a content platform based on your needs and IT infrastructure. But that’s just part of the story.

The real value is in how we help you put your data to work.

To truly drive results your investment data needs to be accessible to more people than just your IT team. Don’t get us wrong, the IT team plays an essential role when it comes to data. But they aren’t the ones that turn data into insights for your client content.

Turning Data into Insights

Your marketers, client service reps and sellers are the people that make your data come to life in a variety of content types driving sales, engagements, and results. They need fast and easy-to-use access to your operational data. And Assette delivers.

Create engaging and up-to-date content on the fly without the need of a data analyst. We call Assette marketer-friendly because it uses no-code editors to create or update a variety of content such as pitchbooks, factsheets, presentations, DDQs. Browser-based tools are also included if direct access to the data is needed.

The Choice is Yours

It doesn’t matter whether you use Snowflake, SQL, BNY Mellon, or another platform. We grab your data and turn it into a powerful tool for marketers, sellers and business professionals.

Request a demo today to see how Assette can empower your team and put your data to work.