Baillie Gifford and Assette

Thusith Mahanama

06 Dec 2023

Today we announced that Baillie Gifford has selected Assette to automate the creation, review and delivery of their pitchbooks and client presentations. Assette software was selected to replace parts of the firm's in-house system because of its broad feature set and flexible approach to data. 

You can read the press release here.

Firms are facing a rapidly growing volume of client and sales communications and data streams that are constantly updating. This is a powerful combination, one that is requiring a new way of thinking about content creation. To thrive in this environment, firms need software that makes data accessible to their team -- marketers included -- with easy-to-use authoring tools.

Sales enablement systems masquerading as glorified S drives will no longer cut it. Firms want and need to automate the content production side in addition to making accurate and timely content easily accessible to client service and sales teams.

Turning investment data into content on-the-fly has never been more important. And that is why we are seeing leading firms such as Baillie Gifford, Barrow Hanley, Ariel and others adopt Assette. 
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